Our Programs


We currently provide tutoring in mathematics and English, Language Arts (ELA) for grades 3 and 4. The goal of the tutoring program is to help students achieve at least a level 4 (Met Expectations) on their PARCC exams and to excel in their periodic assessments. Students are placed into groups of 4 if they are performing at or slightly below grade level and maximum groups of 2 if they are well below grade level. Parents are highly encouraged to participate in tutoring sessions. Parents are also actively engaged by tutors outside of the tutoring session to keep the momentum going.

Volunteer tutors are generally members of the community or parents within the school. Depending on the school, there will be paid tutors if volunteers are not available.


We provide logistical and other support for mentoring and after school clubs.


There are numerous programs available for students and families. Too often families in need of additional services don’t find them easily. We will provide referrals to other non-profits or government agencies for needs outside our scope or capabilities.